My biography

I’m Charles Kotulka, I am a designer from the suburbs of Philadelphia . With more than 10+ years of experience I’ve had the opportunity to help design a variety of graphic design projects in multiple mediums for major brands and start-ups. I have spend more than a decade working as a website and graphic designer.  With experience across multiple mediums and with a strong technical foundation, I bring a well balanced perspective to my work.

On my spare time I enjoy any and all activities outdoors, whether it be mountain biking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. I love it all! When I am not spending my time outdoors, I enjoy volunteering my design skills to those in need. I believe in honesty, respect, love & positivity for everything from work to everyday life.

It can be hard to describe everything about yourself in just a few sentences but I hope I did a decent job. My life is an open book and I believe in honesty so if you have a questions for me feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share.